Frequently Asked Questions

What is this church all about?
  • We are Christians. Our aim is to be faithful followers of Jesus within the twenty-first century context in which we live. As a community we will seek to deepen our spirituality, celebrate God’s goodness, and serve our neighbours.
Why should I go to this church?
  • Our congregations are small enough for everyone to know everyone else. Each person is known, loved and respected as the individual person they are.
Do I have to be Anglican to come and visit?
  • No, everyone is welcome to visit us.
Do I have to become involved?

Being involved with God and with each other is a necessary part of Christian living. It is our hope that you will feel free to exercise your talents and gifts within our midst.

How does this church cater or help young children and teenagers?
  • Our children’s and youth ministry are conducted at St Luke’s Carrum Downs.
  • On Friday nights SLACYG (St Luke’s Anglican Church Youth Group) 7-8.30 pm, offers mainly social activities for young people.
  • Sunday morning worship 10.30-11.45 am has a children’s talk, and Sunday school is offered during the service time.
Can I be part of this church?
  • Anyone can become a part of this church community simply by joining us for worship.
  • Baptism is the rite of entry into the church and we would commend this to everyone. Those baptised in other Christian traditions are welcome to worship with us, and may, if they wish, be formally received into the Anglican Church without being rebaptised.
What work does this church do in the local community?
  • A bargain op-shop operates out of St John’s on Monday mornings.
  • We serve breakfasts at Banyan Fields Primary School on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • We run a youth group on Friday evenings.
  • We provide several CRE (Christian Religious Education) teachers to local schools.
  • We conduct services within several retirement and nursing homes.
What does Anglican mean?
  • We belong to The Anglican Church of Australia, previously known as The Church of England in Australia. Anglicans uphold the Catholic and Apostolic faith and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the creeds and the Bible. In practice this means that Anglicans draw from both Catholic and Protestant traditions.
How can a church help me or my family?
  • A church is something for the entire family.
  • It is a safe place to:
    • learn about God and the Christian life
    • deepen your spirituality
    • make contacts and friendships
    • explore our talents and gifts